13. Structured FINANCE in Stuttgart

Live Testing

November 9, 2017

At this year's Structured FINANCE in Stuttgart, the TrustBills booth was again shining visibly and soon evolved into a hub for digitalization. The demo version of the TrustBills platform attracted many well-known companies. Decision-makers from financial departments tested selling trade receivables on the 'TrustBills Playground' and were excited about how easy, fast and secure trading receivables through TrustBills is.

"TrustBills is the biggest innovation at this year's Structured FINANCE," said a Dax-CFO. On November 8th, TrustBill CEO Jörg Hörster met with financial experts as part of a working group. At the event 'New ways in trade financing', Hörster explained the benefits of the auction platform for corporates. A roundtable on November 9th was devoted to the topic 'Two planets, one universe: Banks and FinTechs'. "Corporates benefit from a successful symbiosis of banks and FinTechs because they combine the innovative added value of a start-up with the time-proven regulatory standards of a bank," said Hörster at the event.

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