TrustBills is new BAI member

Auction platform opens up new segment in private debt

December 6, 2017

TrustBills becomes a member of the Bundesverband Alternative Investments. The Hamburg-based company is giving investors direct access to trade receivables for the first time worldwide, thus adding a new segment to 'Private Debt'. TrustBills complements the BAI's membership structure with its expertise towards the new asset class 'trade receivables' and with its best-in-class financial technology.

Jörg Hörster, CEO of TrustBills, says: "Investors have direct access to trade receivables for the first time worldwide via our auction platform. They can now generate a risk premium based on an asset of the real economy. In the past, banks and specialty companies largely divided up the business among themselves. Investors had to settle for expensive and cumbersome securitizations. Now, TrustBills found a digital solution to the problem of quantity. We open up a 15-billion-euro market and enable investments, that are self-liquidating after a short period and can be subsumed under private debt, absolute return, short-term credit or money market substitute. As an active member of the BAI, we will establish integration-standards for the new asset class trade receivables as an integral part of the portfolio mix."

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