Online marketplaces require a high level of security. Our marketplace participants can be sure that trading on TrustBills is safe.

Secure Access Starts with 2FA-TrustKeys

Identities and users are strongly authenticated with at least two factors. Access to TrustBills' marketplace is protected by advanced tools like phishing-resistant TrustKeys.

Know whom you are dealing with

Knowing your counterpart mitigates fraud risk and financial crime. TrustBills verifies business identities of marketplace participants for itself and for all marketplace participants.

Business Verification

Legal Representatives

Ultimate Beneficial Owners



Embargo Watchlist

Fraud prevention through ML and AI

ML and AI help avoid verity and moral hazard risks and enable undisclosed assignments. When selling receivables, customers ideally do not want to include their debtors. But how do you ensure the existence of the trade receivable without confirmation by the debtor? TrustBills uses legal chains, and in addition, uses state-of-the art ML and AI fraud prevention procedures.

Deep learning replaces experience

Unsupervised learning algorithms make the many years of experience of banks and factoring companies obsolete. TrustBills' Moriarty-AI - fed with the rules of TrustBills and trained solely by self-play reinforcement learning - generates more fraud scenarios in less than three days than the whole history of banking and factoring experienced. Using these fraud scenarios, the Holmes-AI classifies whether uploaded trade receivables are suspicious of fraud.

Highest tiered Data Centers

TrustBills only uses tier 3+ data centers featuring a layered security model and being monitored by operation teams that can respond to threats to the infrastructure 24/7/365.

Guarding against unauthorized access and service interruptions

Data stored on our infrastructure is automatically encrypted at rest and distributed for availability and reliability.

Encrypted Internet communication

Communication over the Internet to our cloud services are encrypted in transit. Our network and infrastructure have multiple layers of protection to defend our marketplace participants against Denial-Of-Service attacks.

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