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This page offers quick-tutorials for the registration-process on TrustBills as video and as text.

Start the registration process for TrustBills

Start the registration process via the TrustBills website yourself and select a partner bank. Only those who have an account with a partner bank will be allowed to trade on TrustBills.

Data Completion

After verifying your email address you now need to complete the company data. If a partner bank initialized your registration, you need to check the company data that has been provided by your relationship manager.

Registration fee

Before you complete the registration, you give TrustBills a one-off direct debit mandate to collect 80% of the registration fee (400 euros).
We then send a verification code to the legally authorised representatives of your company. On entering the code you transfer the outstanding 20% of the registration fee (100 euros).

The split payment represents your company's consent to register with TrustBills.


To verify your data, your TrustBills partner bank needs an exemption from the banking secrecy. The necessary documents will be sent by post to the legally authorised representatives of your company named in the course of the registration process.

Two-factor authentification

Now that your company is verified you receive the TrustBills welcome folder, including the TrustKeys. The TrustKeys are necessary for logging into your TrustBills account and are to be kept safe. The welcome folder also includes an EBICS-DFÜ power of attorney for your TrustBills account. With the power of attorney, you enable the automated processing of payments as soon as you start trading receivables.

Checklist for registration

  • Requirements on the part of your company:

    • Registered with the commercial register for at least three years and operational. Alternatively, a direct legal successor or subsidiary of a company which has been registered in the commercial register for at least three years and is operational
    • A current account with a TrustBills partner bank
  • Documents you need during registration:

    • An up-to-date extract from the commercial register as a pdf (not older than three months)
    • An up-to-date list of all the company's legally authorised representatives (board members or managing directors) as a pdf
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