Benefits for Investors

6 Excellent Reasons for investing in trade receivables



Short duration

High Sharpe Ratio

Very low Volatility

Hardly any correlation, high diversification

Responsibility driven

Natural self-liquidation

Real economy investing

14 Excellent reasons more to buy trade receivables via TrustBills


Registration is about 20 minutes
Receivables bought within 24hours in 98% of all cases

Diversification & Continuity

Origination through partnerships with banks, credit insurances and brokers, B2B marketplaces, ERP system providers and WebShop infrastructure providers.
Sellers of trade receivables with 99.8% retention rate.
Steady flow of trade receivable assets across various products, sectors, regions, currencies, tenors, sizes, supply chain / shipping types and payment behaviours.

Safety & Yield Enhancement

Cleared up solutions for regulatory, legal and tax duties
Automation instead of expensive securitization to handle big volumes of heterogeneous trade receivable assets at lowest cost
Integrated custody management
No own IT investments necessary

Flexibility & Transparency

No framework contract
No lock-in
No hidden or ongoing fixed-fees
Historic transactions downloadable at any time
Performance attribution and risk measured

"With TrustBills there is finally a central exchange from which we can filter out and by trade receivables for our Luxembourg reserved Alternative Investment Fund vehicle – without losing any yields through securitization. The process, especially payments, are fully automated and legally clarified. This enables us to set up a working capital fund for insurance customers – and all of that without us even having to expand our IT in the front- or backend"

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