Reporting Services

All historical transactions are in the TrustBills repository

Sellers and Buyers of trade receivables can view and download all historical transactions, including their contracts, invoices, payment advice notes, and accounting service files on TrustBills.

Working Capital Analytics

Before, After — what's the improvement?

Receivable sellers can analyze how their working capital costs have decreased over time or in benchmark comparisons. TrustBills' Reporting Engine also computes to what extend the cash-to-cash cycle has shortened and projects the potential for increased future sales.
Performance & Liquidity

Measuring performance attribution and planning liquidity

With TrustBills' Reporting Engine, buyers get an overview of their exposure to positions in trade receivables sorted according to selected criteria (sectors, regions, tenors, risk factors, etc.) as well as PRL and yield history of past transactions. They get a comparison between projected annual yields on the purchase of the trade receivable and actual yields after the payment has been made by the debtor. Using a risk premium decomposition, they can analyze which risk factors have triggered which risk premiums. In addition, the reporting engine creates a currency-specific liquidity plan for anticipated cash flows. In this way investors in trade receivables know which liquidity will be available to them from the returns of paid invoices.

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