You run a B2B online shop and offer payment by invoice? Then B2B WebShop Connect is right for you.

Invoice purchase is the most popular payment method for corporate customers in e-commerce

2018 - ibi research: Online-Kaufverhalten im B2B-E-Commerce 2018

B2B WebShop Connect automatically uploads your generated, but not yet paid invoices for auction on TrustBills. This provides you with liquid working capital immediately and always at best price.

Shortened cash-to-cash cycle, higher turnover, more sales

B2B WebShop Connect shortens the cash to cash cycle immensely. New goods can be ordered earlier, resulting in a higher turnover of goods, thus sales growth per year.


Less working capital requirement

B2B WebShop Connect saves your businesses liquidity reserves to fund working capital needs. These freed-up funds save on financing costs and can be invested elsewhere.

Why B2B-invoice purchase with TrustBills' B2B WebShop Connect

More Safety

Selling invoices boosts your liquidity. And sold invoices are transferred credit default risks

Better creditworthiness

With money from sold invoices, short-term liabilities can be paid. This contracts the balance sheet and increases the equity ratio. A shorter cash-to-cash cycle reduces working capital requirements.

Higher sales

With the ability to auction trade receivables, businesses no longer need discounts to get their customers paying early. With longer payment terms, new customers can be won.

Lower purchase prices

Businesses can take advantage of early payment discount income.

Operational relief

Full automation on TrustBills eliminates time-consuming accounting tasks, such as payments, dunning and risk management.

In the past, manual processing of invoice purchases was a time consuming topic. With TrustBills' B2B WebShop Connect API shop owners receive liquidity at once and always at the best terms. Shop owners are able to immediately reinvest this liquidity in their businesses.

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