Market Makers

Market Makers are willing to stand ready to bid for trade receivables on TrustBills across all segments of the seller-debtor risk matrix

TrustBills was able to win institutional investors, banks and factoring companies to act as market makers

Making use of TrustBills' Economies of Skills and Scale

Many market players, especially banks and factoring companies realize that it is cheaper and more effective for them to use the TrustBills marketplaces. Since sellers on TrustBills upload their trade receivables themselves, buyers only need to filter and select trade receivables according to their risk-return profile. They save significant sales cost, that otherwise must be incurred to originate trade receivables by themselves.
Credit Risk Protection

Why complicate when it's easy?

Factoring companies require credit insurance before they buy receivables. However, companies that want to sell their trade receivables anyway soon after billing expect the buyer of these trade receivables him- or herself to strive for a default protection. TrustBills does not require any credit insurance to sell trade receivables. Instead TrustBills works with credit insurance companies to enable buyers of trade receivables to purchase dynamic insurance coverage for the entire portfolio ob bought receivables right via TrustBills digitally.

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