What is TrustBills?

TrustBills is the first online auction platform for selling and buying national and international trade receivables in a True Sale.

For sellers of trade receivables traditional bank and non-bank products, such as factoring, forfaiting and ABCP securitization processes tend to be slow and cumbersome and are mainly determined by the buyers of receivables. TrustBills offers significant advantages:

  • Speed: TrustBills is fast due to artificial intelligence-based fraud and dilution risk detection combined with rapid auction market mechanisms and the avoidance of a lengthy credit process.

  • Fairness: TrustBills is fair because sellers of receivables are free to set their own terms such as the minimum price for the sale of their receivables.

  • Convenience: TrustBills is convenient because it optionally embeds receivables confirmations and a full service payment functionality with fully integrated EBICS and SWIFT protocol cores.

  • KYC-Compliance: Each client has to pass the “Know Your Client“ authentification process with one of the selected TrustBills partner banks before being accepted to trade on the platform.

For institutional investors and banks alike, TrustBills provides a new, cost-effective way to access a highly profitable market with an attractive risk profile and short-term self-liquidation. It is possible to simply filter out trade receivables from a big pool of uploaded/posted receivables and manage these investments directly on a platform with an integrated auto/algo-bidding functionality, inventory management, risk management, reporting and accounting system according to the investors own portfolio preferences.

Executive Profiles

Jörg Hörster
Managing Director & CEO

Joerg Hoerster is the founder and CEO of TrustBills as well as the founder and managing director of the consulting firm Maravon. Previous to his work for Maravon he worked with Deutsche Bank, Metzler Consulting and Daimler Benz.

Dr. Johannes Ulbricht
Managing Director & Chief Legal Officer

Dr. Johannes Ulbricht is TrustBills’ Chief Legal Officer and a managing director. Johannes is a lawyer specializing in media, computer and trade law. In addition he is the legal advisor of the Federal association of the event industry and founder and general manager of the collection society GWVR.

Inga Nielsen
Lead Designer &
Artificial Intelligence Engineer

Inga Nielsen’s responsibilities are twofold. She is responsibe both, for design on TrustBills, and works in the department of artificial intelligence. She is an astrophysicist, who worked in X-ray astronomy and is also famous for her illustrations and designs.

Dr. Christian Schmitt
Senior Vice president
Investor Solutions

Dr. Christian Schmitt is responsible for the Institutional Investors and Asset Management division of TrustBills. He and his team advise institutional investors in the professional handling of the platform. He is a former Managing Director of risklab, a company of Allianz Global Investors.

Markus Wohlgeschaffen
Senior Vice President
Corporate Solutions

Markus Wohlgeschaffen is responsible for the rollout of TrustBills at our partner banks. He and his team also advise corporate customers on the professional use of the TrustBills platform. Markus is a former Global Head of Trade Products of UniCredit Group

Silvia Weiland
Vice President
TrustBills Care

Silvia Weiland is an experienced tax and financial accounting expert. She runs the TrustBills Care division that serves customers around registration, support, trade receivables human intelligence verification and financial accounting.

Florian Herzberg
Senior Vice President
Product Management

Florian Herzberg is running TrustBills' product management team. Prior to his product management function Florian was TrustBills’ Chief Technology Officer and the creative mind behind the technological architecture of the auction platform. Florian is an experienced entrepreneur and managed many projects for international brands.

Michael Wilke
Senior Vice President
Information Technology

Michael Wilke is the head of information technology and Chief Technology Officer. Michael oversees the development of the TrustBills platform, its operations, security as well as payment protocols and other interfaces. His teams are responsible for delivering the software at the heart of TrustBills’ platform.

Hongchao Xu
Vice President
Software Engineering

Hongchao Xu is responsible for the software engineering team of TrustBills. He manages both, the frontend and backend development teams, and the the quality assurance team. He graduated from RWTH Aachen where he also contributed to the LTE standard and the next generation internet protocol.

Dr. Hendrik Annuth
Vice President
Artificial Intelligence

Dr. Hendrik Annuth is the head of the artificial intelligence processes for fraud prevention, payment identification and automated trading at TrustBills. Prior to joining TrustBills he worked in an artificial intelligence research project in collaboration with Lufthansa Technik.